Brass is one of the many materials that are often used in making crafts. Not only viewed as a daily use purpose product, but brass is also widely used as a high artistic value artworks material. You may use wood, glass, fiber, aluminum, or copper to make crafts. But trying brass in crafts making will unbelievably produce interesting and striking results. 


Brass is a material made from a combination of copper and zinc. The mixing occurs naturally. However, with the development of technology, chemical processing is implementable. At Daffi Art, composing the percentage of the mixture results in creating brass of the best quality and style brass for excellent craft products.


Brass-made artworks are elegant and beautiful in appearance. Brass is suitable for making decorative lights, doors, statues, bowls, ornaments, and all kinds of decorative crafts. Brass has a distinctive color (starting from green, yellow, reddish, and golden). Usually, brass has a red or golden yellow color that is not easily flaking off because brass has anti-corrosion and anti-rust abilities.


The following are some of the brass artworks that many customers order at Daffi Art.

  • Ornament
    Brass is a material that is very suitable for ornaments. Thanks to its appearance, decorations complement a beautiful and elegant room. There are various forms of ornaments, and one example is the mosque ornament. The dominant mosque ornaments are calligraphy ornaments. Generally, these calligraphy ornaments are installed in mosque rooms, pulpit rooms, and mosque doors. Calligraphy ornaments are also placed on the dome of the mosque. Types of in great demands calligraphy are the Throne Verse and Asma Ul Husna calligraphy.

  • Household decorative furniture
    Found in picture frames, decorative bowls, table lamps, roof lamps, paintings, and others. Decorative brass artwork is suitable to be placed in a large room.

  • Mosque dome
    The beautifully striking brass pattern makes the mosque dome elegant and charming. With a larger dome dimension, it intensifies a charismatic religious feel.